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Jumped In, book review by Nancy Flores | The Wolfpack

Jumped In, book review by Nancy Flores

The inspiring novel Jumped In by Jorja Leap, is not an ordinary book about gang violence. Jorja Leap a recognized expert in gang related violence and lifestyle. While working at UCLA to evaluate gang prevention and intervention programs, Jorja takes on the streets of L.A. to understand the truth about gang members and their lives, and also looking for a solution to end gang violence.

Jumped In, paints a very vivid picture of the war going on in the streets of L.A. Jorja really jumps into the streets, she interviews active and ex gang members. Jorja takes you on a journey through each and every one of their lives, she describes their traumatic past and the challenges they face everyday with great details. Jumped in isn’t just a book on the hardship gang members face, its also a book that gives readers hope that things can change with organizations like Homeboy Industries, Homies Unidos etc.

This is by far my favorite novel, because of the description and intensity, the book gave me. I found myself attached emotionally to the individuals in the book. it definitely gives you an insight on ex gang members and former gang members lives, the struggles they face to leave their past and recover from drug use.

“I’m learnin’ that to move beyond the present, you gotta understand the past — and the oppression of people of color.”

– Kevin Williams

A little insight on Jumped In, to me this quote is very meaningful because throughout the book you experience the struggles gang members face trying to leave the gang and many don’t ever get out. So the cycle repeats itself, so in my eyes I think its extremely important to understand where your people are coming from,the injustice they face everyday and how it can be changed in a positive way to break the cycle.

I deeply encourage everyone to read Jumped In, it gives you a greater understanding on gangs and how their is hope for change. Whether you’re affected by the violence or not, it does need to be addressed, and that little to say because gangs can’t just be stopped! There’s much more beneath the surface that needs to be viewed to end the oppression.

All the profits go to Homeboy Industries, What’s Homeboy industries? Well they’re an organization that gives hope to formal and active gang members also recently incarcerated men and woman. Helping them get back on their feet and contribute to their community by giving them jobs.


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